Welcome to Pravtek

Shoot for the stars and we will make IT happen

Our Mission

The sole mission of Pravtek is to provide pragmatic and cost-effective IT enabled services and solutions that deliver tangible results to our global customers.

How we do it

At Pravtek, we adapt our processes to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our software development approach is based on collaboration and communication. Our focus is to deliver business value to our clients by providing working, usable, software to the users. You are in charge throughout the lifecycle of the development process and work hand in hand with our team to ensure that the developments are in line with your vision.

Our Strengths

Right approach

Our user centric and customer focused approach drives quality results at competitive prices and ensures success and customer satisfaction

Right Team

We care about quality in everything we do and hire the best talent and build high-performing teams. We extract the best out of teams with constant mentoring and training.

Right Skill set

We invest into our staff to update their skillset and stay current with ever evolving market trends to ensure we provide technically superior solutions to our clients